Current Projects

  • MathsUp app development and piloting

    Redink is in the process of developing early Maths content in an app format for Practitioners and teachers of 4 - 6-year-old children. Terms 1, 2 and 3 are completed in English and Afrikaans and Term 4 will be ready for release soon.

    MathsUp CAPS aligned so covers all Grade R content. The app is of full of colour pictures, stories and rhymes, play-based activities and tips for parents on how to involve their children in maths at and around the home.

    We are currently piloting the app in the Eastern Cape and look forward to rolling out to all provinces soon. Users receive 10 A2 full colour posters when they attend an on boarding session.

    Go to the Google Play store and see for yourself!

    Email us for more information on downloading the app and on how to get the posters.

  • Courses and workshops for teachers

    Redink provides hands on, face-to-face one to three-day early (emergent) Maths training for capacity building and up skilling of ECD and Foundation Phase practitioners/teachers. Our Maths approach is play-based and supports the development of language and literacy through stories, songs and rhymes. We provide training materials that include concrete manipulatives, posters and manuals.

    Email us for more information on our courses and workshops.

  • UNICEF development of play-based teacher training material

    Redink is leading a consortium of Education Specialists in response to a call from UNICEF to develop four teacher training packages on play-based learning, with associated assessment tools.

    The materials are intended for trainers of ECD practitioners and Foundation Phase teachers at NQF levels 4, 5, 6 and 7. These materials will support the creation of learning environments that inspire and motivate children and promote positive early learning experiences and a solid foundation for future success at school.

    Email us for more information on the development of these materials.

  • Deaf adult computer literacy training

    Redink offers computer literacy training for marginalised Deaf adults who use South African Sign Language (SASL) to communicate. Students register with ICDL, and deaf adults are trained on core modules.

    They complete on line assessments in order to receive certification.

    Redink is also training Deaf trainers from the Deaf Community of Cape Town (DCCT), a registered DPO.

  • Development of learning and teaching resources.

    Redink develops classroom resources for use in teaching and learning literacy and Maths in ECD and FP settings.

    These high-quality materials are sourced locally and internationally and support play and enquiry-based teaching and learning.

    Staff and community members of DCCT are involved in developing and packing our materials. This provides work opportunities and income generation for DCCT.